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Kevin Spatt



When I was a kid I went to school like everyone else and after a couple of years we moved to the countryside.

When I was ten I started my life as a musician. I wanted to be on stage when I celebrated all kind of festivities with my family and hung out with friends. No party took place without me. My repertoire was full of classics from Elvis, Supertramp and Tom Jones! I fondly think back to my first days on stage… haha!

As I grew older and stubbles opened up on my face for the first time, I felt the desire to do more. At the age of 15 I got offered my first gig in a Pub. I was in company of a charming pianist and sang cover songs from Bill Withers, Frank Sinatra, Elton John and Eric Clapton…

I didn’t want to keep interpreting music, I wanted to write my own text- just compose my songs. I took my guitar and wrote my first song “Alone Again”. Once I started I couldn’t stop it.

A short period later I had a ton of songs done and it was tough to pick the 5 pieces I liked the most. I was really proud and in February 2011 started looking for a studio. After 2 months it was done: the first Kevin Spatt EP “Acoustic” was officially on the market.

The first live gigs followed right away. Oddly enough those were on the biggest events in Austria. I started with one in “Stadthalle Vienna” followed by the biggest open air music festival of Europe called “Donauinselfest”. My tour throughout Austria began right after and I sang in a lot of locations since then for example shopping centers, bars and pubs. It’s an amazing feeling to see people being truly touched by my music and I can’t imagine my life without this sensation.

I am influenced by the music I listen to like most musicians usually are as well. My absolute favorites are Paolo Nutini, Kings Of Leon, James Morrison & John Mayer.

Some say about me that I carry international feeling up on the stage and of course in my music. Others say that I have a unmistakably strong voice but at the same time it’s so soulful so I have my listeners legs turn to jelly… those guys are just too charming!